Greetings, Fellow Earthlings and Welcome to the Heritage for Earthlings Wiki!

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This wiki is a resource for students and practitioners who are interested in heritage as a force for positive benefit at any appropriate scale from the local to the global. Applied Anthropology and other applied social sciences are foundations for this kind of work, as is Public History.

What kind of heritage is up to the members of this collaborative wiki. Public benefit may also be of benefit to private individuals, but it is never only that. The definitions are loose and broad, but the tone is positive and aims for well-being in the public space.

Please join as a member and collaborate with colleagues here. Share your ideas and experiences. Ask others to join you. Use what we know to make the world better. Our shared status as residents of one lovely planet, with no alternatives in sight, highlights our common ground and common responsibility.

If you want to know more about what a wiki is, please look at the entry in Wikipedia:


This wiki is affiliated with the University of Maryland, Department of Anthropology, Center for Heritage Resource Studies
Caveat: The content is not endorsed by the University, nor does it necessarily reflect the views of any individual member.

How to Participate

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For a professional profile specific to this Heritage for Earthlings wiki, you may wish to create a page for yourself instead of relying on the wikispaces profile.

One of the strengths of this wiki is the potential to create a virtual, global department of applied research in heritage for public benefit, so please tell others here about yourself and your work. For example, you can include or link to your curriculum vitae and upload pertinent publications.

Please follow some basic ground rules:

This wiki will be widely shared. You are responsible for what you post and edit; there are no anonymous postings.

  • Respect your fellow earthlings! If there is confusion over what constitutes respect, please check it out with each other in the discussion tab areas and come to agreement over acceptable behavior.

  • Respect differences of opinion.

  • Treat this space as a commons. Give credit as necessary and requested while also recognizing the nature of a collaborative space. Understand that there may be many authors and contributors to any particular page.

Please do NOT engage in the following:
  • violent, racist, sexist, obscene, profane, or hateful comments or content
  • comments that threaten or harm the reputation of any person or organization
  • advertisements or solicitations of any kind
  • comments that suggest or encourage illegal activity
  • multiple, off-topic posts or repetitive posts that are copied and pasted
Note that Violators will be removed at the discretion of the wiki owners.

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How to create, edit, and format

Create a New Page: When you are logged in to wikispaces, on the left navigation click on the "+" sign next to "pages and files"

Editing & Formatting Pages
Wikispaces is fairly straightforward if you’ve done any blogging or web editing. Experiment but be aware that there is not a “draft” option; once you save a page, it is public. Do remember to save your work!

You can find tips on the Wikispaces editing page
and the formatting page

Leave a Comment on the discussion area of a page after you make edits (see the tabs along the top), so that colleagues know what was changed and can look for discussion points about the content and other discussion points you may want to make.


Include citations in a standard social science format. If you are offering your opinion, make it clear. Don’t make opinions sound like facts.

Each page has a discussion tab. Use this to discuss content and explain extensive edits.

Write as clearly as possible. Avoid jargon and, if you can’t help yourself, explain the jargon so that contributors from other disciplines can understand.

Avoid idioms as much as possible so that translations are more easily done.

Language and Translation

Probably most of the text will be in English, but you are free to use another language. If you do, please provide a translation, however imperfect, of at least your main points.
Here are two online translators if you need them.